Thursday, February 16, 2006

The 6 essential footwear

I didnt think it was possible either. And truth be told, im a hypocrite. I own over 20 pairs of shoes. But the point of this article is to let you know witch ones you absolutly need...and why. (because everything has a reason...or maybe not...)

1) The running shoe: Plainly put, everyone should own a pair, because everybody should exercise. Even skinny people. If a skinny person takes a cardiac infarctus (cardiac arrest) Its worst for them than for heavyer-set people. So get off your bony but and exercise! NOW!
*Get a shoe that has good stability and support. A great place to buy running shoes is running room, They have qualified staff that can analyse your pronation (the way your foot strikes). And yes, this is very important, it prevents injuries.

2) The casual flat: Its good for multiple reasons. One being its casual, 2 being its flat. You can wear this to the beach, the market, the mall, school, and if theyre embellished, even a semi formal dance.

3) The black stilletto: Every woman should own a pair. No justification needed. Just like one plus one equals two, not three.

4) The sexy wedge : You know there are things you wear and they just feel down right sexy? Well theres something about [Mary? ] wedges that just has that apeal.

5) The flip flop: Because theyre cheap, colorfull, but also come in an indefinate variety of styles and colors; asian, bold colors, with a heel...

6) The boot: Because if youre a canadian chick like me, youll want to keep your toes nice and toasty, now wont you ?

And on a quick note; it has been quoted that *uggs are soooo last year!*
rebelling against this will make a fashion statement... think about it.

You know where you can find me,
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