Thursday, February 16, 2006

Case Study: The Prep

Okay so youre a member of the country club, you alternate between golf, tennis and horseback ridding, and you own a pricey car. But can you dress like a classic prep?

Okay so were not all in that context. Small secret...: Neither am I. But dressing preppy is fun. So heres what youll need to know to knock the socks off of that cute tennis player... [Andy Roddick, Tommy Haas, anyone?]

The rules of the prep:
Stay clean. That means stick to pattern-less clothing. Unless its a) argyle, b) vertical stripes or c) plaid.
Skirts should not be over 2 inches above the knee. We want preppy, not preppy gone trashy
Dont know what to buy? Think argyle sweater, white burmuda shorts, Burberry things (Its all preppy...), pearls, and lots of them.
Jewelry is simple. Diamonds, pearls. enough said.
blouses are also a must have
Stick to pastels: white, yellow, pink, lime... avoid black, red...
Look into designers such as: Raulph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle
*American Eagle is more of a Casual Prep style

Later preppies!
You know where to find me,
<3 Cate @


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