Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Its Contest Time!

Its survey time!

Question 1-If you could only shop at one store, what would it be?
Probably Le Chateau. I love their styles, and how its close to haute

Question 2-You wouldn't be caught dead wearing something from which store?
I dont boycott stores. If you do, you are limitting youreself. You never know who will start the next trend, so keep your mind open.

Question3-You're given a thousand dollars and can only spend it on ONE thing. What would it be?
Perhaps it would be a Classic Louis Vuitton purse... In brown and tan, or white with color. Then again, I would also like a Balenciaga bag, (the kind that you will find on Nicole Richies arm at any given moment). The Balenciaga would deffinatly be more practical though, considering the amount of things I put in my purse!

Question 4-You're given the opportunity to have a famous designer revamp your entire wardrobe. Who would you choose?
Definatly Roberto Cavalli. Im a little obsessed, but with reason. His work uses paisley alot, an exotic print I absolutly love. And the structure of his dresses are pure art. I also love the way he harmonizes color and floral paterns.

Question 5-Do you have a friend you'd gladly switch wardrobes with? Who is it? Why? Why not?
There is only one girl that I would switch wardrobes with, and that would be a close friend of mine, Stephanie Plouffe. We have a lot in common; i.e.,we both love fashion, and we both stay up to date. She also dresses very classy.

Question 6-Name one store you want to win a $5000 shopping spree at.
Tough one! Okay, on the first shot, I would say Holt Renfrew. For all the designer duds. But I most deffinatly wouldnt mind American Eagle, or Le Chateau.

Question 7-Is there an actress/singer/famous person whose wardrobe you admire immensely?
Not really. I deffinatly owe celebs credit, because trends usually start with them (for ex. Jackie Onassis and the Oversized sunnies), however, I do like to follow celebrity trends. Just not all of them. If I were to give an honerable mention, it would be to Hilary Duff. Her style is feminine and classy.

Question 8- Name one article of clothing you'd do anything (or nearly anything) to own?
There was this one dress by Roberto Cavalli that Victoria Beckham (former Posh Spice, Mrs. Beckham) wore. It is white with a sky blue paisley print on it. It has a very distinct and feminine cut; tight from the torso throughout the hips, and then with a pronounced flare at the bottom. It was exquisite!

Question 9-Ever saved up several months' worth of allowance (or paychecks) for one thing?
Yes. I saved up to buy some expensive Lululemon pants, witch might have been worth it, im not sure yet. You see, the problem with buying expensive things is that you dont want to get them dirty or ruin the fabric. Lululemon is sportswear, go figure.

Question 10-Ever had a friend comment on a fashion faux-pas of yours? What was it?
Not at the moment.

Now that ive answered the questions, its your turn! Send me your survey answers at mrs_teen_fashionista@hotmail.com. One lucky winner will have their results posted on the site for the fashionista community to see!

You know where Im at!
<3 Cate


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