Friday, February 17, 2006

London Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week in full swing, its Trend time! Heres what we could deduct from the catwalks of the capital:

Back In.... But when was it ever out...?
The jacket has made a comeback! But doesnt it make you wonder, if a comeback is really a come- back when its always been a classic? In my opinion its just... Ok lets drop it right here. Jackets are back in style ladies and gents, now lets celebrate! Heck...this is like saying the little black dress is in again...when was it ever out ?

Tight...uuuh...skinny jeans
The skinny jean has become popular again...Though it isnt a trend that suits everybody, and isnt the most flattering in my opinion. For pants that ballance out proportions, try pants with a flair instead.

Man Bags. Yes, You read correctly, now read on:
In my opinion this is a disturbing trend. Okay, I know ive written an article about open mindedness, but this just pushes the envellope, and rips it to pieces. Purses are a beautiful thing; by all means, dont give them to men.

The Pencil [skirt]
Another classic back for another round of fashion roulette! The pencil skirt can be a flattering trend. For summer 06: the eraser skirt, and the stapple sweater... get it...stapple...haha...ok no.

Enough boring jokes! Come back soon for more updates from youre one and only, missteenfashionista!

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