Friday, February 17, 2006

Pink Polos and Cookie Cutter Clones

Very short story; Making my transition from a tomboy to a fashionista was painful. I dont know how it happened, but heres where it started:

I was in grade eight, and I had just bought a pink polo shirt. I was so proud, I owned a brand name shirt! (It was Jacob). As I walked into school, I felt my heart sink deeper and deeper. The moment I walked in I spoted two girls wearing the same shirt. How did they have MY shirt? I felt so cookie cutter; like a clone. I was identical to everyone else. I then made a concious decision to stand out (fashion wise) and take a step into the unknown. I started reading fashion magazines. And I learned alot. I then devellopped it from there.

A lesson to be learned is to always have an open mind. Look at your entourage at school. Some kids wear the most seemingly rediculous things, but still make them work, and still manage to be the most popular. Why is that? Because they have an accessory others dont; Confidence.

If you hold your head high, and never question your style, your peers wont either. Same applies for making important decisions. Dont look back on decisions you make, they all have reasons. Dont question youreself and others wont either.

You can wear couture from head to toe and it will be noticed, but if you wear it with confidence you will be instantly glamourous.

Follow your heart and youll never commit a fashion faux-pas.
Raise your glass to the new IT accessory for spring 06; Confidence!

You know where you can find me as always,


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