Thursday, February 16, 2006

White is the new Black

Thats right. The classic black is now...White? Black has always been a garderobe must-have, a staple in every womans wardrobe (little black dress anyone?). White is going to be the biggest trend of spring 06, and were talking big. People will watch news reports that feature Canada and think that there is still snow in the summer because there will be so much white. Okay maybe not.

First we must get down to the instincts ; why do we love black so much ? We love black because its safe, slimming, and it rejects judgement (Ever notice how Angelina Jolie often wears head to toe black? You cant go wrong, and its her way of protecting herself from fashion critics). But with the mod style comming back, black is paired with white, and someone somewhere was inspired and thus decided to explore the alternate extreme. White.

After the fall 2005 trend inspired by the Edwardian era, (Short story: When King Edward died, his wife, the Queen, went into mourning. She wore black. Turquoise black, purple black, heck, she probably wore white-black. But the point is, everything was dark. And as the public usually follows their fashion and political icons, all of England went into morning along with the Queen. So what do you think would have been on a runway back then? Something tells me it would be black.

Nevertheless, it is time to rebel against the staple color and go towards a brighter extreme; white.

So you say that white is the opposite of black, therefore it will create the opposite effect, making you look fat? WRONG. When worn monochromatically, (head to toe), white can be slimming. And remember, fashion is archetechture; it is a matter of proportions.

However dont despair if you like black and other dark colors; the runways this spring might be dominated by white, but they will be accessorized with black, navy , silver and gold. And you will be comforted to know that the mod trend is comming back, which means one thing; alot of black AND white.

Still not convinced? If white isnt your thing, rejoice in the fact that the white derivatives along the natural spectrum like ivory, oatmeal, nudes and khaki are also major colors this season- And yes, black is still there too.



Anonymous gennay said...

Mmm How Delectable<3; Another Amazingly Yet Informative Article Written By Yours Truly! Very Nice Hunn, We Need Someone To Be Informing Us Of This Everchanging World Of Fashion And Its Everyday Phenomenons!!:P Thanks For The Tips, And Of Course, Thankyou For Giving Us The Opportunity, Once Again, To Read, No, Devour Such A Fine Piece Of Text !!xoxo

gennay <3333

February 16, 2006 5:05 PM  

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