Monday, March 06, 2006

Friday Night Fever

Inspired by my outing last friday night, I decided to write about what to wear on a night out. I was totally confused, and baffled. I didnt know what to wear, the whole *closet full of clothes but nothing to wear* scenario was in play... Okay. I lied. I totally knew what to wear. But a lot of people didnt (The even was a highschool dance). So just so youre in tune when your school throws the next beat, heres the 411 on party preparation.

Ill start off by what you do not want to wear to a school dance. And the first is your everyday attire. For one, its a dance, so they will put aside dress code (usually), so by all means, take advantage of it!

Secondly, you do not want to wear a skirt. Peoples hands wander, and skirts that arent tailored (witch you wouldnt wear at a dance, anyways) are like freelance journalists; they fly everywhere.

You might not want to wear something that you would wear on a sunday either. Its okay to dress conservative, but keep the floral knee length skirt and grey cardigan for church.

Now that weve covered what NOT to wear, I will give you ideas on what to wear. Every fashionista knows the basic ensemble for a friday night; dark jeans, cute top, and heels. Since the dark jeans are pretty simple, we will go on to the tops.

You want to wear something that is colorful, and fun. Be it with sequins, rhinestones, lace, try something fun. Usually something you wouldnt wear during the day. You can get a fancy top at places like Guess, Le chateau, and Dynamite. (In order of expensiveness).

The top should be the main focus of the outfit, and the jeans are there as a neutral that neutralise the wildness of the top. A rule of thumb to remember here is that you dont want to wear a fancy top with a fancy skirt. Its sort of like the makeup rule where you play up one feature; eyes, or lips, but NEVER both. If you must, try a neutral tone on the skirt, like black, or beige, your best bet being the black.

Dresses are not recommended for dances, unless its a semi formal. Remember, you want to be comfortable. Dont wear anything too hot (not by the look, but by the temperature...) and dont wear anything that will leave you cold. Come to think about it, bring a bolero, or a chale to wear over. Once you get to the dance, you can always take it off and party away.

Try on the outfit, and play a few tunes that will likely be played at the dance. Dance around (okay, i know it feels dumb, but theres a point!) and see how it feels. Are you comfortable? Is there too much skin showing? and most of all, Do YOU feel hot? You can also ask your friends for their opinions, or email me, at . Im always glad to help!

<3 Cate


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