Thursday, March 09, 2006

Play Your Position!

This week while I was shopping, it hit me; a chevy, going at 500 km/h. I was rushed to the hospital when... Okay, no. Actually, what hit me was the realisation of something I love; something deeper than fashion; sports fashion. You see, sports takes up a lot of my time, but I wont complain; I love it. The clicher *Argh I hate going to the gym!* doesnt apply to me. Its more like *Yay! Im going to the gym!*. Im also a competitive track athlete, who trains anywhere from 8-12 hours a week. So if you do sports, and spend plenty of time in sports wear, why not spend a substantial amount of money to have quality, and good looking clothes? After all, for even going to the gym, you DESERVE nice clothes!

People often laugh at me when I train; I do my hair, makeup, and I get dressed up. But is the fact that youre going to the gym a reason NOT to look half decent? No. Remember the commercial for Columbia Sports wear that said *When you look like a pro, you feel like a pro!*
Well its true. So if you want to be in the know about whats hot and whats now in sports fashion, read on!

Lets start from the top (pun intended!) If you want to wear a hat, it deffinatly adds style to your sports attire. It can be as funky or laid back as you want. You can buy hats with plaid, corduroy, or velvet on them, and the prices range anywhere from 10$-80$ ( visit to splurge on one of these caps of couture!). Next comes the shades. You can buy some at the dollar store, or you can go into the hundreds with Oakleys. Its up to you on what you splurge on; but make sure they are UVA protectice.

Cuffs are fun. I must admit. You can go to your nearest footlocker, sports mart, or sportcheck to find cuffs. They sell some as headbands, and wristbands too. They are around 5-20$ depending on the brand.

Then comes the shirt. If you want good support, look for a built-in-bra. If the top you buy doesnt have one, wear a sports bra. NOT an underwire one. There is good reason to this; There is a such thing as a Coopers ligament that stretches, per se, when there is impact placed on the breasts. Once this stretches, there is no way of getting is back, exept surgery (money, anyone?!) and this means things will sag, at early ages. So get youreself a good sports bra. They come from light to extreme support, depending on the activity you are doing. For example, if you are doing yoga, consider light support. However, if you are running, or doing gymnastics, take extreme. The more they stay in place, the less damage is done.

Tops come in an array of styles, colors, and fabrics. Lets start with the most important; fabric. You want a breathable fabric, that absorbs sweat; and by this we dont mean cotton, but more spandex, and things like it. Sports tops are also available in many colors; find one that compliments your skin tone, or go with some of the more out there colors, like fushia, or orange. As for styles, there are some more conservative styles, for ex, long sleeved shirts, and t-shirts. There are also tank tops, single strapped shirts, and even tube tops (though I wouldnt recommend the last option). Regardless what brand you chose, there is bound to be a shirt for you.

Speaking of brand, a few good reliable brands to look into are : Adidas, Nike, Puma, Lululemon. Keep on checking the site for store profiles that will be comming soon!

And finally, we have the bottom. Shorts can be as short or as long as you like. Personally I like them short, because they dont get into the way. But remember; comfort is what matters. Not only the appearance. I will now let you in on my secret; tights. Yes, but running tights. Long ago, I swore off tights and anything spandex, because, lets face it, its just not always flattering. But once you find a nice pair that fits well, youll be glad you did. If you really dont like the look of full legged tights, you can always try capris, witch are more flattering still.

Oops! I forgot! Where are you going to put your things? Keys, Water bottle, towel, gym pass, shoes? Youll need a good bag. Puma and Lululemon make very cute, spacy yet small, fashionable bags that are designed for the sporty fashionista in mind.

As for footwear, funky colors are always fun, like these neon green monster shocks. Try looking into Saucony, and Asics for good quality, and Nike for some bright colors!

And there we go ladies, another reason to do exercise! ;)
You know where I am as always! Keep visiting!
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