Friday, March 10, 2006

Catherine Couture?

Inspired by the latest nike line, full of movement, color, and insane cuts and styles, Ive decided to make myself a line of sports clothing, but with colors that suit ME.

The new nike line has colors such as ;white, black, hot pink. They are beautiful on darker skin tones, but seing as im really pale (white is a dark color for me to wear... just kidding!), its not so flattering for moi. So ive taken it upon myself to create my own line, my own little collection of pieces that go together to create movement, style, and comfort. One more problem I found with the new nike line; Their clothing didnt fit me well. The small hot pink cropped top was too loose, and would not hold things in place. And the medium (only size available) black and white tank ruined the visual effect the shirt was meant to create because there was too much fabric. Great line nike; but next time you should focus on the fitting too! After all, sports wear should be fitted! Though I must admit; Im deeply in love with it. But I also wish the colors were more universally flattering.

Here is how I did it, and how you can make your own.

First off, Ill admit to owning way too many clothes. My room is always a mess. But hey, Ill sacrifice space for extra clothes anytime! Like in the movie Head Over Heels, the model says it well; * How much space do you need to sleep? But you need a LOT of space for clothes!* So I started finding fabrics that ressemble sports wear fabric. Heck, I even used some shirt I used to wear as *fancy* shirts. They were the cheap kind that are 20$ but the fabric keeps you cool.

The cuts and colors also vary. One shirt is of a plum kind of pink. The other is black, white and red, with bold characters on it. The pictures shown above are my latest idea. Seing as Im shy to wear only a sports bra (like many people do at the gym and such) I found a way to make it more conservative. So i tied this sheer scarf over it (the colors are actually neon green and neon aqua) over my black sports bra. Theres another thing to keep in mind; black goes with anything bright or neon; think hot pink, yellow, neon green, orange...

Another fun thing to add to my compilation is gaucho pants. To tell you the truth, they scared the life out of me, because from my point of view, they made the wearer look short, with the added bonus of accentuating hips size. But the inner fashionista in me swipped the credit card, and now I have these gaucho pants. So here I was, dancing to *She wants to move* when I put the pants on with one of those tops I mentioned. They actually worked. For dancing they are great. They allow the biggest range of movement, and are also the most comfortable kind of bottom ive ever worn. Ide seriously recomment to any dancer, or person, to go buy some. They add style to the whole look too. That is another element that will make the new nike line successfull; new and never before seen cuts. So forget your geometry class and twist, tie, and pin things how you want them too be.

Another thing you should think of when putting clothing together is the colors. They should flatter you; but they should not be earth tones or everyday wear colors such as brown. Stick to bold colors, like hot pink, white, aqua, turquoise * (universally flattering, works for all skin tones*) And if you have darker skin, almost anything will work exept for black and earthy tones. And dont shy away from the yellow and the orange! Hot pink and orange were the colors nike used in their 2003 line, so why not make your own signature look by mixing two colors?!

*You also want to make sure everything *stays put* when you are dancing/running/working out.

So when you put together your own line of sports wear, remember these rules;
1. The color should suit YOUR skin tone.
2. Things should be kept in place *watch out with the low cut shirts!*
3. try something different, and eye catching.
4. Comfort is key. If you dont feel comfortable, you wont look it either.

So let out the inner picasso, and lets see what you can do! Email me pictures of your favorite sports wear (put together by you or bought at a sports store) and I will be posting them. Keep on checking back for an update on my sports wear; those photos will be posted too.

You know where im at, as always,

Cate <3>

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Play Your Position!

This week while I was shopping, it hit me; a chevy, going at 500 km/h. I was rushed to the hospital when... Okay, no. Actually, what hit me was the realisation of something I love; something deeper than fashion; sports fashion. You see, sports takes up a lot of my time, but I wont complain; I love it. The clicher *Argh I hate going to the gym!* doesnt apply to me. Its more like *Yay! Im going to the gym!*. Im also a competitive track athlete, who trains anywhere from 8-12 hours a week. So if you do sports, and spend plenty of time in sports wear, why not spend a substantial amount of money to have quality, and good looking clothes? After all, for even going to the gym, you DESERVE nice clothes!

People often laugh at me when I train; I do my hair, makeup, and I get dressed up. But is the fact that youre going to the gym a reason NOT to look half decent? No. Remember the commercial for Columbia Sports wear that said *When you look like a pro, you feel like a pro!*
Well its true. So if you want to be in the know about whats hot and whats now in sports fashion, read on!

Lets start from the top (pun intended!) If you want to wear a hat, it deffinatly adds style to your sports attire. It can be as funky or laid back as you want. You can buy hats with plaid, corduroy, or velvet on them, and the prices range anywhere from 10$-80$ ( visit to splurge on one of these caps of couture!). Next comes the shades. You can buy some at the dollar store, or you can go into the hundreds with Oakleys. Its up to you on what you splurge on; but make sure they are UVA protectice.

Cuffs are fun. I must admit. You can go to your nearest footlocker, sports mart, or sportcheck to find cuffs. They sell some as headbands, and wristbands too. They are around 5-20$ depending on the brand.

Then comes the shirt. If you want good support, look for a built-in-bra. If the top you buy doesnt have one, wear a sports bra. NOT an underwire one. There is good reason to this; There is a such thing as a Coopers ligament that stretches, per se, when there is impact placed on the breasts. Once this stretches, there is no way of getting is back, exept surgery (money, anyone?!) and this means things will sag, at early ages. So get youreself a good sports bra. They come from light to extreme support, depending on the activity you are doing. For example, if you are doing yoga, consider light support. However, if you are running, or doing gymnastics, take extreme. The more they stay in place, the less damage is done.

Tops come in an array of styles, colors, and fabrics. Lets start with the most important; fabric. You want a breathable fabric, that absorbs sweat; and by this we dont mean cotton, but more spandex, and things like it. Sports tops are also available in many colors; find one that compliments your skin tone, or go with some of the more out there colors, like fushia, or orange. As for styles, there are some more conservative styles, for ex, long sleeved shirts, and t-shirts. There are also tank tops, single strapped shirts, and even tube tops (though I wouldnt recommend the last option). Regardless what brand you chose, there is bound to be a shirt for you.

Speaking of brand, a few good reliable brands to look into are : Adidas, Nike, Puma, Lululemon. Keep on checking the site for store profiles that will be comming soon!

And finally, we have the bottom. Shorts can be as short or as long as you like. Personally I like them short, because they dont get into the way. But remember; comfort is what matters. Not only the appearance. I will now let you in on my secret; tights. Yes, but running tights. Long ago, I swore off tights and anything spandex, because, lets face it, its just not always flattering. But once you find a nice pair that fits well, youll be glad you did. If you really dont like the look of full legged tights, you can always try capris, witch are more flattering still.

Oops! I forgot! Where are you going to put your things? Keys, Water bottle, towel, gym pass, shoes? Youll need a good bag. Puma and Lululemon make very cute, spacy yet small, fashionable bags that are designed for the sporty fashionista in mind.

As for footwear, funky colors are always fun, like these neon green monster shocks. Try looking into Saucony, and Asics for good quality, and Nike for some bright colors!

And there we go ladies, another reason to do exercise! ;)
You know where I am as always! Keep visiting!
Cate <3 @

Monday, March 06, 2006

Friday Night Fever

Inspired by my outing last friday night, I decided to write about what to wear on a night out. I was totally confused, and baffled. I didnt know what to wear, the whole *closet full of clothes but nothing to wear* scenario was in play... Okay. I lied. I totally knew what to wear. But a lot of people didnt (The even was a highschool dance). So just so youre in tune when your school throws the next beat, heres the 411 on party preparation.

Ill start off by what you do not want to wear to a school dance. And the first is your everyday attire. For one, its a dance, so they will put aside dress code (usually), so by all means, take advantage of it!

Secondly, you do not want to wear a skirt. Peoples hands wander, and skirts that arent tailored (witch you wouldnt wear at a dance, anyways) are like freelance journalists; they fly everywhere.

You might not want to wear something that you would wear on a sunday either. Its okay to dress conservative, but keep the floral knee length skirt and grey cardigan for church.

Now that weve covered what NOT to wear, I will give you ideas on what to wear. Every fashionista knows the basic ensemble for a friday night; dark jeans, cute top, and heels. Since the dark jeans are pretty simple, we will go on to the tops.

You want to wear something that is colorful, and fun. Be it with sequins, rhinestones, lace, try something fun. Usually something you wouldnt wear during the day. You can get a fancy top at places like Guess, Le chateau, and Dynamite. (In order of expensiveness).

The top should be the main focus of the outfit, and the jeans are there as a neutral that neutralise the wildness of the top. A rule of thumb to remember here is that you dont want to wear a fancy top with a fancy skirt. Its sort of like the makeup rule where you play up one feature; eyes, or lips, but NEVER both. If you must, try a neutral tone on the skirt, like black, or beige, your best bet being the black.

Dresses are not recommended for dances, unless its a semi formal. Remember, you want to be comfortable. Dont wear anything too hot (not by the look, but by the temperature...) and dont wear anything that will leave you cold. Come to think about it, bring a bolero, or a chale to wear over. Once you get to the dance, you can always take it off and party away.

Try on the outfit, and play a few tunes that will likely be played at the dance. Dance around (okay, i know it feels dumb, but theres a point!) and see how it feels. Are you comfortable? Is there too much skin showing? and most of all, Do YOU feel hot? You can also ask your friends for their opinions, or email me, at . Im always glad to help!

<3 Cate
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